Danbury, North Carolina
Knee Deep Studio


About the Visual Artist

The Story of My Art

I'm a simple nature girl at heart, preferring to be in the woods and amongst the birdsong rather than in city traffic or large crowds. I am fortunate to live in a rural area surrounded by mountains and woods and sky, and my work is inspired by the life I see around me. I aim to express that beauty and share it with others. When someone purchases my art, it's an uplifting moment for me because it means that I am sharing a bit of my soul and a piece of my world with someone else. It means that my art will travel across the continent or fly across the globe to be a part of someone else's life and home. I believe each piece of art expresses its own spirit and soul ... and somehow it will find its way to the person for whom it calls, speaks, or whispers.

The Story of My Days

I work out of a small, single-person studio located on our property in North Carolina. It is smoke-free, but definitely not pet-free as my dogs often drop by for a visit while I am working. Outside my studio, I can hear my hens clucking and see the lush growth in my garden during the summer. In winter, when the trees are bare, I can see the beautiful Sauratown Mountains from my windows. It is a heavenly place, and I can easily lose track of time in my studio with a paintbrush in my hand. Given my awareness of and concern for the environment, I try to live as simply as possible, and I can go for many days without getting in my car, though I often hike in the woods around my home or in Hanging Rock State Park which is just down the road from my house.    

The Story of Connections

I have a deep love for the birds and the animals who live among humans, and as a visual artist, I donate a percentage of my sales to a variety of  wildlife and animal charities as often as I can. It is my hope that my fine art will allow viewers the chance to hear the call of the wild, feel the rhythms of the universe, and see the beauty in the world. I want to share love and light and joy because sometimes we are overwhelmed with sorrow and hardships. It is my belief that if our wall art displays beauty, we will be reminded to spread beauty. If my paintings and photographs give people a moment of joy, a chance to smile, a time to reflect, then I feel that I have accomplished something mighty. 

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